Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery

Welcome to IDD-Parts B.V. 
We appreciate you placing your trust in us. Our aim is to build the best possible relationships with our customers, whereby mutual trust is of the essence. And so, we take your rights extremely seriously and do everything within our power to make the quality, service, and price we offer as attractive as possible. We are keenly aware of how important it is for you to be well informed and know what you can expect from us. The terms and conditions specified below will inform you in great detail on what to expect when placing an order with us. When you shop on our online store, you accept and respect our rules, terms and conditions, and copyright in relation to the use of the website and the items we sell on our online store. IDD-Parts wants to do business with you in a fair way. We do our best to describe all items as clearly and unequivocally as possible, including by adding images where possible. IDD-Parts does its best to keep sufficient stock of the items on offer, so as to enable quick delivery. Items may, however, be out of stock temporarily or permanently. IDD-Parts does not accept liability in the unlikely event that items cannot be delivered.

Article 1 Applicability
1.1 All product offers by and agreements entered into with IDD-Parts are subject to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as ‘Terms and Conditions’). These terms and conditions do not apply to services, advice, training, and rentals.
1.2 When accepting our product offers or placing an order, you will be deemed to have accepted the applicability of our terms and conditions.
1.3 Products include items such as parts, tools, accessories, and other products sold on our online store.
1.4 Our terms and conditions and agreements are governed exclusively by Dutch law. Any disputes between the parties (IDD-Parts and the buyer) will exclusively be submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.
1.5 Deviation from our terms and conditions is possible only through a written agreement.
1.6 Placing an order constitutes entry into a legally valid agreement with IDD-Parts.
1.7 IDD-Parts reserves the right to cancel an order without stating reasons.
1.8 Full or partial copying of the content of any written or digital product is not permitted without IDD-Parts’ written consent.

Article 2 Price of items
2.1 All offers by IDD-Parts are without obligations and we reserve the right to change prices.
2.2 Prices are listed in euros and exclusive of 21% VAT + environmental tax, if applicable. It is not possible to supply products from our online store without VAT to European (non-Dutch-based) business customers with a VAT number. This is possible only if you order from us directly by email.
2.3 Prices are exclusive of shipping.
2.4 Prices are valid as listed at the time of making a purchase on our updated website. A possible offer will be valid until its expiry date.
2.5 IDD-Parts does not accept responsibility for any import or customs duties payable for orders shipped to countries other than the Netherlands. Such duties will be payable by the buyer and are calculated by customs in the country in question.

Article 3 Ordering procedure
3.1 You order the items and quantities you want on our online store.
3.2 The terms of supply are that payment will be made in advance, upon placing the order, unless agreed otherwise.
3.3 The order will normally be shipped within 2 working days after having been placed. Shipping is at the buyer’s risk.
3.4 You can also order from us directly (i.e. not through the online store). Direct orders are placed by email. The items ordered will then be sent to you by post or delivery service. If you prefer this and would like to avoid paying shipping charges, you can pick up your order from our Barneveld warehouse.
3.5 Shipping charges are calculated based on weight, see also the ‘Shipment’ section on our website.
3.6 Before placing your order, check that you have entered everything correctly and completely, and then send your order.

Article 4 Payment
4.1 If you want to order and pay using a different payment method, please contact us before placing your order. For more information, email info@iddparts.nl. If you are offered the option to purchase on account, payment will have to be made within 8 days. There is no minimum order amount.
4.2 If you are in default of payment, IDD-Parts will have the right to suspend or terminate the agreement (order) in question.
4.3 If you fail to pay within the payment term, you will be held in default as of the date on which payment should have been made. From that date onwards, you are liable to pay default interest at a monthly rate of 1% of the amount due. If you pay after having received a reminder from IDD-Parts, you will be charged an administrative fee of €20. If IDD-Parts passes the claim on to a third party for collection, you will also be charged collection charges, which amount to at least 20% of the outstanding amount. IDD-Parts reserves the right to, instead of charging a 20% collection charge, claim the actual costs involved in extrajudicial collection.

Article 5 Delivery of items
5.1 The order will be delivered as quickly as possible after your payment has been confirmed.
5.2 The order is then generally shipped within 1 working day after receipt of confirmation. Exceptions to this are possible and depend partly on the availability of the product in question. No rights may be derived from the delivery times specified above. IDD-Parts does not accept liability for delays caused by circumstances that are beyond IDD-Parts’ control, such as war, terrorism, industrial action, supply chain problems, government measures, natural disasters, and the like. In the unlikely event that delivery within the delivery term turns out not to be possible, the buyer will be notified. If IDD-Parts cannot guarantee delivery within a reasonable term, the buyer will be authorised to cancel the order. Any payments made will then be refunded.
5.3 When ordering, you will receive an invoice with VAT.
5.4 If you have ordered multiple items, they can be grouped together or shipped separately. IDD-Parts will decide on the best shipment option.
5.5 IDD-Parts reserves the right to engage third parties for the execution of your order(s).
5.6 Ownership of the items will be transferred once you have paid the amount due. The risk in respect of the items will be transferred to you at the time of delivery. Deliveries are ex-warehouse.
5.7 Delivery time and shipping charges: In the ‘Shipment’ section on our website, we give an indication of the estimated delivery time and shipping costs of the order.

Article 6 Complaints and liability
6.1 When your order is delivered, you must check it immediately. If the item or items delivered does or do not match what you ordered, you have 3 working days to let us know.
6.2 If it has been proven that the delivery does not match what you ordered, we will, after you have returned the item or items, replace the item or items with the item or items that you ordered. You must return the erroneously delivered item or items to IDD-Parts, unless agreed otherwise. We will refund the shipping costs you incur to return the erroneous package to us.
6.3 Under Dutch ‘Distance Selling’ legislation, you have the right to return items to us within 7 days if they do not meet your expectations, without having to state reasons. Any costs incurred in such a return will in this case be payable by you. Returned items must be undamaged and unused and be returned in their original packaging and possible protective film. Shipping costs will be payable by you.
6.4 Returns of items that are damaged in transport or damaged due to other reasons for which we are not responsible will not be accepted or refunded, see 5.6.
6.5 While we ensure proper packaging and do everything within our power to prevent damage, we cannot give any guarantees.
6.6 We can in no way be held liable for the buyer’s use of products purchased on our online shop and possible consequences thereof. Tools include warnings from us regarding the risk involved in using these tools. Tools have sharp edges and cause injury. Never leave tools unattended and store them safely after use. Keep tools away from children.
6.7 If you decide to exercise your right to return an item, you will be entitled to a refund within 30 days after we have received the item back from you, provided the item is not damaged, has not been used, and is returned in its original packaging and possible protective film. This does not include any shipping costs incurred by us.
6.8 IDD-Parts cannot be held responsible for force majeure.

Article 7 General warnings
To ensure safe installation, use, and maintenance of our products, you must take a number of precautions. For everyone’s safety, you must observe the warnings and instructions in the product and installation manuals. In case of doubt, contact your supplier. Our products can be installed and maintained only by experienced, appropriately qualified industrial door and docking system engineers. Our materials are, therefore, not suited for use by DIY enthusiasts and trainee engineers.

Article 8 Warranty
IDD-Parts strives for deliveries that are 100% accurate based on your order. Despite all our checks, 100% accuracy is not always possible in practice. Any errors will, however, be corrected as quickly as possible, so as to minimise any inconvenience caused to you and the user. This is why it is important that you notify us of any shortcomings you detect (stating the item number) and give us the opportunity to offer a suitable solution. IDD-Parts will reimburse costs incurred by third parties only if we have given express prior permission for these expenses. A possible reimbursement will always be based on actual rates and travel distances of no more than one hour.

Article 9 Final provision
These terms of supply take effect on 1 February 2010. IDD-Parts B.V. is registered with the Eastern Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under registration number 08217619.


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