2020 was a special year for IDD-Parts. Not only because everything was different due to Covid-19, but also because we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to celebrate this, so we decided to do it this year instead!


The year 2021 will be marked by the fact that 11 years ago, we started supporting the independent installation, service and maintenance companies! For me, the involvement with overhead doors dates back to 1987, when I became a FlexiForce customer as a door manufacturer. FlexiForce’s strategy has always been clear: as a wholesaler, ensure the small to medium-sized door manufacturer can compete and grow in its own market. And based on a no-nonsense, together-we-can-make-it approach. That appealed to me so much that I started working in the R&D department of FlexiForce in 2011. In 2014, I was given final responsibility for a start-up within FlexiForce, IDD-Parts.


IDD-Parts was set up in 2010, with the aim of serving a gap in the market; there appeared to be a great need in the market for spare parts, springs and panels for all brands of doors. The major door brands protect their after-sales market tooth and nail and therefore, it was difficult for the smaller repair shops and freelance technicians to be competitive in the maintenance and repair of installed overhead doors and docking systems.


That’s why we’ve started building up a stock of parts and panels for all brands of doors and customers can order these products online, via a webshop, quickly and easily from day one. The parts were often collected from all nooks and crannies of the market. Sometimes, we even bought complete doors to divide them into spare parts in our workshop.

Our strategy is and will remain very clear: we only supply professionals and not end users. To this day, that’s still our mission: to help our customers by providing them with advice and assistance in the maintenance and repair of industrial doors and docking systems.


I can deliver a long speech about the success of IDD-Parts, but I’m especially proud that we’ve been able to take a position in the market because we’ve remained ourselves from day one. Down-to-earth and no-nonsense: we pick up the phone, look at photos submitted and advise on which door it is. We also like to teach people how to quickly exchange a part. And we search until we can offer our customers a solution to their problem. We truly are available day and night.


We’re growing fast now. In addition to our branch in Barneveld, we now also have IDD-Parts in France, representation in Poland and with the addition of Jansen PU Technik in Germany, we now also produce panels ourselves. This confirms to me that we appear to be doing something right for our customers. Thanks to them, we’re growing rapidly, for which we’re very grateful, of course.


I would also like to thank all employees of IDD-Parts for their involvement, commitment and passion for the company, for the products and for our customers. With our webshop, white papers, apps and manuals, we have professionalised our services, but ultimately, it’s our people who help our customers further by going the extra mile for them. We’ve been doing this for 11 years and we intend to continue to do so for a long time to come.


Johan van der Linde

General Manager IDD-Parts


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