New: Frequenz HS for high-speed overhead doors

From standard overhead door to high-speed overhead door

How easy it would it be if you could change a standard overhead door into a high-speed overhead door. And that without replacing the complete door. IDD-Parts has found the solution for this. We have extended our range of Frequenz operators with the Frequenz HS (high-speed) operator for high-speed overhead doors.

Frequenz HS
As for the Frequenz FU28 and FU48 the high-speed operator also has a frequency converter so that the overhead door always has the right speed. The maximum door surface is 28 square meters and the maximum achievable speed of the door is 60 centimeter per second. Because of this speed of the door, the use of a light curtain in combination with the Frequenz HS is obligated to fulfill the safety requirements. With a light curtain the door stops automatically when the opening is blocked without making contact with the door.

High-speed conversion
The conversion of the standard overhead door into a high-speed overhead door can be done easily. First you have to replace the rollers by tandem rollers. Secondly you dismantle the old operator and control unit. Thereafter you install the Frequenz HS operator on the shaft and you connect the new control unit. This is already set as standard for a high-speed door. Finally you install the obligated, supplied light curtain in the vertical tracks of the overhead door. Watch also the video and experience how easy and quickly you will change an overhead door into a high-speed overhead door!

Why choosing for a high-speed overhead door?

- Unnecessary energy loss is limited
- Due to the speed of the overhead door, the door can be opened from a shorter distance.
- Minimum delay of the working processes.
- Much less transit of dust, draft and noise
- Fewer temperature differences

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