Exhibition R+T 2024: Innovations for maintenance and service of industrial doors


IDD-Parts unveiled impressive innovations for the door service industry at R+T 2024. One notable innovation is the newly introduced "ID Part" app, designed for identifying and selecting parts for servicing, maintaining, and repairing sectional doors. In just three steps, scanning the panels enables the identification of the door’s brand and model. Subsequently, users can order the required spare parts from the IDD-Parts online shop. Trade fair attendees had the opportunity to test the app directly at the booth and were thoroughly impressed. "Something like this has been missing in the overhead door service business for a long time," emphasized one of the many booth visitors.

A notable feature was the introduction of new versions of the "torQtool," a tool that makes it safer and easier to tension torsion springs in a completely new way. With a regular drill, there’s no need for the usual spring tension bars. This not only saves energy but also greatly lessens strain on the back and shoulders. Additionally, it improves safety by simplifying the challenging task of tensioning springs at significant heights through tensioning with a drill.

Responding to high demand, IDD-Parts has developed and added two additional models to their portfolio. The "torQtool 2 maxi" is suitable for all 95mm and 152mm torsion springs, accommodating all shaft types and offering a tensioning force of up to 300 Nm. The "torQtool 2 maxi" is compatible with the following torsion springs:

  • 95mm springs
  • 152mm springs

A new addition is the "torQtool mini" available for pre-order immediately and scheduled for release on April 1. This spring tensioning device is suitable for tensioning springs with a maximum torque of 80 N/m and is compatible with the following springs:

  • 45mm springs
  • 51mm springs
  • 67mm springs

Also debuting is the "torQtool medium" designed for 67mm springs and 95mm springs.

In addition to these highlights, IDD-Parts presented an extensive range of spare parts for sectional doors, docking systems, high-speed doors, and automatic doors. Customers can order complete door leaves, individual panels, various small and accessory parts, electrical control elements, and special tools for sectional doors and docking systems from the comprehensive online shop.

IDD-Parts also emphasized their rollable side seals, facilitating easy maintenance and repair of sectional doors from various brands. These seals are designed to repair multiple brands with just one type of seal. With compact packaging, similar to a pizza box, different seal options can be easily kept in the installation vehicle, avoiding unnecessary extra trips. The seals are compatible with Alpha Deuren, Novoferm, ConDoor, Crawford, Hörmann, Seuster, and other brands.

Exhibition R+T 2024: Innovations for maintenance and service of industrial doors

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